Zurich Insurance Company Japan Branch

If anything is the key to a company’s success it is the quality of the human resources they have. Just as important is the corporate culture – the energy and dynamism with which people are managed.

Mr. Nevins and TMT’s Executive Search Consultants have been and will continue to make an important contribution to Zurich in Japan. Just in the last year TMT has placed a number of senior managers with us, including some that are a shining light both in terms of reputation in the market, and in influencing the morale, teamwork, and productivity of the people around them. We combine this with showing people how to find and reach their potential, and showing those who won’t make the effort to the door to find happiness elsewhere. This is exactly what good employees want to see. This is what gets us excited. This is what will make Zurich an even better place to work. It is also the key to our continuing success.

In Japan there seems to be just enough myth and fog to make an experienced Consultant like Mr. Nevins really worth his fee. We have taken on the TMT personnel system with Rules of Employment and “Strategic Partnering,” as he calls it.

There is a price for this service, but it pays for itself because it solves problems quickly and effectively, and eliminates fears of court suits and legal battles. Once you gulp down the initial investment, you have a place you will turn to, and you are more likely to turn there for ideas, reinforcement, or solutions, because you don’t have any worries or hassles about what it will cost. It really has been a win-win situation.

I can recommend TMT’s Strategic Partnering and their large and powerful team of some 20 Search Consultants. I am sure Tom Nevins will also be coming by trying to get us into the new TMT seminar room. He has worked hard on this third pillar of his business. TMT will now have an even stronger and better-balanced three-legged stool to offer to clients to support them reaching up to touch even higher places.

Manuel Eichmann
General Manager & C.E.O.
Zurich Insurance Company Japan Branch
December, 1992