Video & Video Text

Strategic Tools for Managing Japanese Personnel-Local Practices, Policies and the Law

This 3-hour Seminar Video with text gives you the strategic tools you need to better manage the recruiting, pay, benefits, staffing and productivity problems of your organization. The presentation is primarily based on two seminars featuring Mr. Thomas J. Nevins as the speaker and sponsored by the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan – ACCJ and the University of Maryland Asia Division. (2 tapes in VHS or DVD updates) Order from TMT (Discounted price JPY 9,000 plus postage of 400 yen).

Supplementary Text to the Video – “Using the Strategic Tools in Six Key Areas

1987 JPY 20,580 Discounted price
JPY 9,000

As seminar presentations tend to be free-flowing and unstructured, the video comes
with a supplemental text. While “Using the Strategic Tools in Six Key Areas” roughly runs parallel to and reflects the seminar content, it is not a transcript of the events as many new and different concepts are introduced. The text is conveniently divided up into the six challenging problem areas where TMT works with clients and has found they need the most help. They are:

  1. Manpower Sourcing / Recruiting – Executive Search
  2. Compensation and Benefits – Design and Change
  3. Rules of Employment – Set-ups and Adjustments
  4. Problem Employee Solutions / Terminations
  5. Staff Reduction and Cost Saving Programs
  6. Union and Staff Relations / Attitudes

Tape 1. In order of appearance, the video content is as follows:

  1. Introductory scenes of contemporary Japan
  2. Mr. Thomas J. Nevins’ commentary on the Japanese Employment System at the ACCJ Film Night – January 27, 1987
  3. Interview with Mr. Nevins – January 27, 1987
  4. Mr. Herb C. Horst, Senior Advisor Employee Relations, Du Pont Japan Ltd. – January 24, 1987
  5. Mr. Mitchell P. Cybluski, President, Bristol-Myers K.K. – January 26, 1987
  6. Mr. Brian T. Taylor, Director, Personnel and Administration, Bristol-Myers K.K. – January 26, 1987
  7. Introduction of the main seminar – “Strategic Tools for Managing Japanese Personnel” by Mr. Joseph A. Grimes, Jr. President, American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) and Vice President, Honeywell Inc. – January 24, 1987

Tape 2. “Strategic Tools for Managing Japanese Personnel”