Teisan K.K. (L’Air Liquide)

Teisan, a subsidiary of L’Air Liquide, has been a leading producer of industrial special gases and related equipment in Japan since 1907. The business is strong and profitable, but with 1,400 employees, and changes in the industry one can never be complacent: and along with some of our competitors, we are carrying out a rationalization program with staff cuts.

I first engaged Mr. Nevins in November 1985 soon after I arrived in Japan. He played an instrumental role in confirming that my goals could be accomplished even in Japan, and went on to interface effectively between myself and the Japanese executives, impressing them with his ability to also relate to their needs on shared terms and in their language.

We were better able to comprehend each other and with his initial guidance have been able to carry out an effective staff rationalization program with employee understanding and the union’s cooperation.

Mr. Nevins also efficiently designed and set-up the Rules of Employment (personnel practices, compensation and retirement benefits) for a new L’Air Liquide subsidiary.

Although our mid-career recruitment needs are extremely limited, TMT also can be highly recommended for the timely delivery of extremely well qualified managers who were carefully screened and scouted for us. We successfully hired our man.

Herbert R. Wollgiehn
Chairman & C.E.O.
Teisan K.K. (L’Air Liquide)
June, 1987