Swiss Volksbank & Securities, Japan

What can we say? There is a world of difference in dealing with Mr. Thomas J. Nevins when it comes to getting the tough things done.

Maybe we should not sign this testimonial. Maybe we would be smarter to keep Tom Nevins as our secret weapon. He tells us he can only be as effective as we are. That is nice of him, and we have at least had the courage to squarely face off with those who could not, or were not trying and performing.

TMT gave us new Rules of Employment, Personnel Systems and “Strategic Partnering” back in the fall of 1990. It was a few million yen, which seemed like a lot of money at the time. Although it was paid long ago, and we keep telling him that he can and should charge us more money for the tremendous value he keeps bringing us, he comes back with things like, “Don’t worry, you’ll make it up to me, someday,” or “It’s just a pleasure working with you two, because it always works.”

Probably Tom is trying to build up his reputation for providing the “legendary service” he sometimes talks about. Well, he will be even more of a legend in Tokyo. Everything he said we could do, we have been able to do.

If you have a vision of where you want to go, and you have even just a little courage to press on to your destination, Thomas Nevins will help you get there, smoothly, quickly.

Heinz Buechner
Vice President, Chief Representative
Swiss Volksbank Representative Office, Japan
December, 1992

Harry Georgieff
Senior Vice President & Branch Manager
Swiss Volksbank, Tokyo Securities Branch
December, 1992