I have worked with local human resource partners all around the world. In terms of understanding a clients needs, responsiveness, availability, speed, and customized approaches to fit in with a client’s corporate culture, I rank TMT and Mr. Nevins at the top. We have worked on issues since 1995.

TMT has an impressive repertoire of skills. The consulting products, not just Rules of Employment, but also “applications software” (instructive, down-to-earth manual, and documentation to help understand and manage Japanese staff) are excellent and available nowhere else.

Mr. Nevins is also highly skilled in establishing credibility, and rapport with Japanese staff with his fluent Japanese. Excellent systems, with this ability to directly explain, deliver and implement the systems before groups of employees is something that attracted me to the TMT program.

TMT also walked us through some sensitive terminations. He turned usually unpleasant situations into upbeat, positive experiences that helped people take their share of responsibility, and grow in the process.

TMT is expert at such dehirings, but also in the executive search area. TMT’s performance on our search for a President was among the best I have experienced in terms of speed, number, and quality of candidates.

If you are looking for an effective, responsive partner in Japan, that walks its talk about providing excellent client service, I can heartily recommend Mr. Nevins and his group of talented consultants.

Thomas A. Morelli
Vice President of Human Resources
Solectron Corporation
April 2001