April 6, 1995

Dear Mr. Nevins;
First of all, we would like to express our sincere thanks for your valuable advice and cooperation for our restructuring work. In addition, we appreciate the cooperation and sufficient support from your staff. As briefly mentioned you before, we could obtain more than expected voluntary leavings and all handling have been properly done without any business disturbance. It is our pleasure to share our success with you.

Your advice in our discussion has been always very much helpful and productive, and you also provided us with different angle to see head count reduction. It was easy for anyone to take such event negative, but your approach brought us a positive aspect which was one of the critical elements of the success. We have learned that having confidence in a positive manner is the real key of making something happen. We believe our success of this case becomes to fill another page of your success story.

Now we face the second phase of restructuring in search of efficiency and productivity improvement with limited number of employee. We may need your assistance near future and hope we can work together again.

Hope your continuous success in business.

Sincerely yours,

Hans-Peter Kunz
Chairman and President

Hidetoshi Ichihashi
Senior Managing Director