Philip Morris K.K.

I first met Thomas Nevins in October, 1989, when I met him with two senior people from the home office of my company at the time, Data General. I was part of an exploratory mission to work on strategy and contingency on how to carry out cost saving and staff reduction at Data General.

I had been in the company 18 years since its founding. I would be directly responsible for reducing head count well below the over 800 head-count level we had at the time. My English was weaker than I wanted (still is!), so when I heard Mr. Nevins speaks fluent Japanese, I asked if I could schedule a separate meeting the next week with him.

To make a long story short, we smoothly got through all the turmoil of what we had to do at Data General. Unbeknownst to Mr. Nevins, in late 1990, I got a call from one of TMT’s Executive Search Consultants. I was just winding down the successful downsizing and had already indicated that I would also accept responsibility and resign.

Philip Morris’ corporate culture is quite different from that at Data General so I am trying my best to adapt and make my contribution.

Fortunately we have good solid vendors and partners working toward our success. After making some of our major, most senior placements here, TMT doesn’t just stop trying. They continue to make a genuine effort to help us and serve us at various levels. As of today, according to our files, TMT has placed 18 people with us.

At first I knew Mr. Nevins as someone who consulted on downsizing. But TMT’s Executive Search Consultants are pretty good at upsizing, too.

Eiichi Tanuma
Director, Human Resources
Philip Morris K.K.
December, 1992