Ore-Ida Foods Japan Inc.

I strongly recommend Mr. Nevins as a highly experienced, creative, and convincing advisor. He really cares about the client, identifies with his and employee needs and is committed to smoothly solving problems and this can include hands-on and direct interfacing with employees in his very functional and convincing Japanese.

My company established the Ore-Ida frozen food business here in Japan in August of 1983, and we have been quite successful in penetrating the market. Ore-Ida brand fried potatoes are the market leader by a large margin having achieved 38% share in Tokyo and 32% in Osaka since the company’s founding. However, due to a desire to achieve “low cost operator” status our parent company, H.J. Heinz Pitt. PA., asked us to look at ways to become more efficient. As a result, we elected to consolidate Ore-Ida Japan and Heinz Japan. Certainly our objective was to do so smoothly, but even with that intention the task was not easy.

Since there was overlap in some areas, a limited workforce reduction was necessary. Furthermore, we faced some transition dislocations and challenges in that benefits and pay levels between the two companies varied considerably, and these matters had to be resolved along with winning employee acceptance.

Mr. Nevins was most helpful in isolating the issues, clarifying legal points, local practice, and in meeting with the employee group, assisting us to reach an amicable and constructive solution to this major organizational adjustment.

Larry D. Blagg
(Former) Japan Branch President
Ore-Ida Foods Japan Inc.
June, 1987