Monsanto Japan Ltd.

During the 1985 period, I worked closely with TMT as both an executive search firm and human resources consultant in Japan. TMT assisted in recruiting a number of staff for our Tokyo office, and over a three year period, was instrumental in the recruiting and placement of three senior Japanese at the director level. TMT consistently scouted and assisted in recruiting managers who met our requirements.

Mr. Nevins’ extensive knowledge in the human resources area, including labor relations, personnel consulting and benefits, provided valuable perspective to strategic organization issues facing the company in compensation, retirement, benefit and other employment policies. As a consultant, Mr. Nevins consistently demonstrated a vigorous commitment to ensure that foreign companies operating in Japan are able to remain competitive in the human resource aspect of their operations.

His experience is well balanced between the practical, theoretical and legal aspects of labor relations in Japan.

Robert B. Kennard
Director Business Development, Asia
(Former) Chairman
Monsanto Japan Ltd.
July, 1989