Labor and Personnel Consulting – Giving You The Tools To Manage in Japan

TMT’s pioneering approach to labor consulting

  • Anticipates potential needs and problems by creating strategically written Rules of Employment and other personnel regulations that are fair, but don’t give the shop away.
  • Consults on and implements with employee populations cut backs or redesigns of retirement benefits, or shifts to defined contribution plans from defined benefit plans.
  • Creates fair and workable “Japanized” compensation systems that allow payment according to performance and merit, and control of pension liabilities by introducing non-pensionable allowances, “job-related pay” or a second salary component.
  • Orchestrates changes in Rules of Employment, pay and benefits, while avoiding morale problems and complaints of adverse impact.
  • Executes selective suspensions, demotions, pay cuts and termination against even a single problem employee, as well as transfers, massive staff reductions and corporate closures.
  • Gives guidance on how to circumvent unreasonable unions and provides methods of effectively freezing out and isolating radical union minorities, allowing you to get on with the management of your business.
  • Splices work rules and wage systems of two merging companies into a unified personnel and compensation scheme.
  • Patches up relations within smaller or larger firms where inter-personal or cross-cultural conflicts have impaired the free and healthy flow of communications.
  • Conducts briefing sessions and mini-seminars on recruiting, compensation and other Japanese labor management and personnel practices to orient and educate the newly arrived expatriate manager, as well as visitors from the head office.

TMT is convincing Tokyo’s international business community that expatriates can fully understand and come to grips with the traditional “hands-off” area of Japanese personnel and labor management. When the expatriate manager learns to handle such matters properly, he feels less frustrated and more confident and secure, and is suddenly in a position to increase productivity, control operating costs and orchestrate needed personnel and organizational changes within his company in Japan.

You are the one with the final accountability. Let us provide you with the systems and tools you need to better manage your Japanese personnel – the key to corporate and personal success in Japan.

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