Kohler Company

When Kohler came into Japan to do more business on a direct basis we depended on TMT to buildup our staff and to consult with us on personnel and compensation matters. TMT was able to scout and place successfully for us seven people from the top executive positions down, in the one-year period between the summers of 1985 and 1986. The great majority of these staff came out of the leading Japanese competitors.

Mr. Nevins also was an excellent resource when it came toward not only giving needed advice, but he also was able to define, design and set-up all of the documents and regulations required by the authorities in terms of Rules of Employment, Retirement Regulations and Salary/Allowance Rules.

TMT brought us success and results. Its approach to headhunting – the scale, depth and quality of its effort – was a refreshing change after initial false starts with others.

David P. Whittingham
(Former) President
Kohler Company
June, 1987