Industrial Development Authority, Ireland

Friends in the Tokyo community and the many Japanese companies we have introduced to Ireland to invest there may think of me as an old Japan hand. If Tom Nevins is an old Japan hand, I am older in years in Japan, and have taken a few more calendars off the wall.
Tom became an expert at what he does at a young age, and has been a valuable asset to our foreign community for years.

When a tough problem came up, I sent my Deputy to Mr. Nevins and they did a good job. When we needed to do a senior outside search we also selected TMT.

I do not know much yet about Tom’s new launch into seminars and training’s but I am sure he will make sure it is done right. I am sure it will combine all of his hands-on, real world experience, with the many exciting discoveries he has been making about man, and how to get him to motivate himself, learn new skills, and live and work a full and exciting life.

Jim Cashman
Director, Far East
Industrial Development Authority, Ireland
November, 1992