Inchcape (Dodwell) Pacific Ltd.

We decided to use TMT’s Consulting services when we set up a new motors business in Japan. Although the Inchcape group employs over a thousand people in Japan and was one of the first multinationals in this marketplace, we wanted to make sure we were right up to date with the latest developments in Human Resources in Japan.

We were very pleased with the Rules of Employment and the approaches towards compensation and retirement. Mr. Nevins does not just conceptualize and provide these helpful systems, he also backs up their proper implementation. He has seen what policies and practices lead to failure, and what is most likely to lead a firm to success.

The TMT Executive Search unit also did a timely job of filling a number of key assignments we had at the time.

Mark Geary
(Former) Personnel Director
Inchcape (Dodwell) Pacific Ltd.
In Hong Kong
November, 1992