Husky Corporation

Every company has its own interesting situation as does ours. We are a Canadian company involved with providing value-added solutions to customers with our injection molding systems for the plastics industry.

We have a partnership with Komatsu, a Japanese company well known for its construction equipment and industrial machines. Komatsu owns 26% of Husky shares.

When we set up our operation here in Japan, Komatsu transferred people to us, and among the many challenges I faced was understanding how they handle personnel issues and rules of employment (all in Japanese). We had to find common ground for all employees – those from Komatsu, as well as the new recruits from the outside. This was and will be particularly important when we open new facilities across Japan.

The rules of employment and personnel systems developed with Mr. Nevins simplified this area for me and made it acceptable to all employees. In addition, the after-support consulting hours that come with TMT’s Strategic Partnering concept is helpful in providing the opportunity to discuss ideas with a well informed partner.

Heinz Vollenweider
Husky Corporation
November, 1992