Grieveson, Grant and Company

We are a leading British securities firm and Mr. Nevins has made a significant contribution to our Japanese business over the last two years. He is definitely qualified to work with you in solving the most challenging and difficult personnel problems facing you as you tread along the treacherous path toward effectively managing the Japanese. Bright and inquisitive, he approaches a problem or task with an abundance of energy, enthusiasm, creativity and practical common sense that delivers results.

In 1982, he guided our firm through a staffing and manpower reorganization which included information gathering and interviews with each of the employees in fluent Japanese. He revised and wrote up our Rules of Employment and worked on our compensation practices.

After the passage of two years, TMT is currently offering thoughtful and creative approaches to our recruiting efforts. His experience, training, and unique perspective as a labor consultant makes TMT’s staff a very special team of headhunters.

As one candidate introduced to us from TMT put it, “it was a pleasure dealing with a thoughtful, problem solving-oriented consultant rather than a recruiter.” As the client, I also endorse this. Also, our time wasn’t wasted with bad prospects. TMT was frank and honest in screening out those of lower caliber.

Simon Grove
Grieveson, Grant and Company