Fusite Division (Emerson Japan)

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this recommendation on behalf of Tom Nevins who has served as a valued employee relations/management consultant of Fusite Division of Emerson Japan, Ltd., since 1999. In addition to Tom’s wide range of relevant experience, we appreciate and have benefited from his proactive recommendations and results-oriented approach. His expertise has played a critical role in my company’s recent successes in a number of important areas, including labor and employment issues, restructuring programs, overall employee relations, and the implementation of many best management practices.

For example, we have achieved higher levels of employee performance because Tom helped us identify and implement new, more flexible management approaches and tools. Tom was also instrumental in improving our approach to employee communications and empowerment. One attribute that helps make Tom so effective is his natural grasp of Japanese language and culture.

In short, Tom’s work has helped us improve our company in important and measurable ways, which is high praise of any consultant. His efforts have not gone unnoticed as the executive staff and others throughout the organization have recognized his contributions. I’m certain you will enjoy meeting with Tom and reviewing his qualifications.


Hiroo Kobayashi
General Manager
Fusite Division
Emerson Japan, Ltd.