First Interstate Bank

As the market moves, and times change, so do corporate policies and vision. Along with so many other foreign banks and financial institutions, the time came back in June of 1991 to face some tough strategic decisions. In a word, we had to downsize by some 20 people and at the same time rationalize some back office operations to other centers.

Considering the horror stories and very real problems that many foreign banks faced when they tried to do this, I wanted to learn all I could, and felt I could learn something even from a foreigner, as long as he clearly knew what he was doing.

Mr. Nevins came highly recommended and he had clearly done it many times. After grasping our situation and needs, within just a couple of sessions we were able to work out a strategically sound approach that anticipated and had built in solutions for any problems that could possibly arise.

There were absolutely none. Nevins-san’s great strength is creative anticipation, but also coaching on communication and implementation strategy. I feel we were fair to the managers and staff we let off, and they were in a positive frame of mind to get on with their lives.

I was so pleased with the results, costs, and success of the exercise, that Mr. Nevins had little difficulty in interesting me in his strategic partnering / personnel system concept. They really are excellent Rules of Employment and it is good to know we have someone to turn to should we have important future issues.

Kazuo Hayakawa
Senior Vice President & General Manager
First Interstate Bank
November, 1992