Ecco Japan Co., Ltd.

Ecco is a major temporary help dispatch firm originating in France and now with a worldwide network. We got off to a rocky start in Japan with the wrong locally hired national making some bad hires, business decisions, and practices. Luckily, within a few short months we got on top of this, and with Mr. Nevins’ help, were able to sort out and solve these problems.

As with most expatriates, I did not know all the ins and outs of Japanese business and what I could and could not do. Mr. Tom Nevins backed me up all the way, including winning our case at the Labor Standards Office, mediation proceedings, and even assisting me in cleaning the people out of an office and closing it down. Now the company is running smoothly with a good team, and we are making money. But without our decisive surgery, in a very short period of time the cancer could have spread and permanently damaged our Japan operation. We have learned a lot, and I must say “merci” to Mr. Thomas J. Nevins.

Eric Abramson
(Former) Representative Director
Ecco Japan Co., Ltd.
June, 1989