Data I/O

Being based in the States, I first heard of Tom Nevins from our labor lawyer, Tom’s classmate, at the Cornell School of Industrial and Labor Relations. We brought him in on a complex and sensitive matter. He showed tremendous caring, sensitivity, and compassion. Mr. Nevins convinced us to look at things in a different manner – from more of a Japanese perspective. He assisted us in getting a better understanding of our successful subsidiary, which we had largely left alone for years.

We believe he guided us to make the right decision. Then as part of eliminating future frictions or misunderstandings between our head office and our subsidiary, we were able to depend on TMT to recruit the ideal senior Director that we needed to support our local Japanese President. This Executive Search effort exceeded all expectations in terms of speed, quality and continuing performance of the new executive.

Having already engaged Mr. Nevins on the specific consulting issue, he then showed us how it would be in our interests to upgrade this to Strategic Partnering with new Rules of Employment and the very helpful and detailed Personnel Management System. Over several months he had mentioned I should look into this with him. It feel on-deaf ears.

Finally he got us. But I’m glad he did. Human resource issues, Rules of Employment, compensation, retirement plans, bonus, just about all aspects of law and practice are no longer a mystery.

As Vice President of Human Resources for a smaller multinational, I now plan to have this kind of systematic, concise documentation from all our subsidiaries.

Hats off to Mr. Nevins and his fine group of headhunters, too. They were faster and more effective than the competition generally better known to the home office. You guys earned your fees!

Jim Russell
Vice President, Human Resources
Data I/O
November, 1992