Mr. Thomas Nevins

Dear Tom,

This is my last message to you, to express my thanks and admiration for the way you do carry out your mission, I purposely call it mission, not work.

Some 2 l/2 years back, when I first came across a book of your’s, and read the referentials, I did as I always do: I started by reading first the last 10 or so pages, then I read the book with my usual speed of about 300 pages an hour, and then I knew that it was worth reading it again, slowly, carefully.

Meanwhile I have got to know not only the author, but also the person behind that name. We were in no trouble, there was no need to mend a critical situation, but you had reminded us of the Chinese saying that a good doctor’s prime duty is not to heal, but to prevent getting ill, so we embarked on taking to your teachings.

You impressed us by a double presence: that of mind and of body. You got to the point very quickly, and you were available when we needed you. You did not talk about ‘after sales’, but you live and lived ‘after sales’ in the best of meaning.

We established company rules as per your recommendation. There were some changes we would not even have dared to dream of introducing, and yet they were accepted without major arguing. I was very pleased with your deep commitment at all stages and your willingness to fight for your conviction, certainly the best proof that you mean what you say.

To put it short: You are a man one can rely on, what better is there to be said?

Now, dear Tom, I take leave, hoping that we may meet again, either in Switzerland, or in Japan.

Very kind regards

Richard Dähler
(former) President
December 12, 1995