Danisco Cultor

In my capacity of building the Cultor food ingredients business in Japan, I first started working with TMT for recruiting in 1992, and over the years TMT has recruited a number of key people for us.

From 1996 I began to work more closely with Tom Nevins as a human resource consultant, helping companies with restructuring, improved personnel policy, salary and retirement systems.

After integrating a major acquisition in 1996 we found ourselves overweight and with several redundant positions. Tom worked very well with my Japanese executives and helped us plan, communicate and execute a staff reduction. It was a TMT-style controlled exercise where we were able to achieve our restructuring goals completely.

As our industry consolidates globally, we have now merged with Danisco and become the world leader in the food ingredients business. Over the years TMT has been there to guide us through the various organizational challenges particular to Japan. And TMT keeps making a contribution.

Tero Huopaniemi
President, Asia-Pacific
Danisco Cultor
December 2000