Churchill Livingstone Japan K.K.

I don’t know very much about TMT’s standing and prowess in other industries, but I can say with confidence that TMT has made a great contribution to a number of our pharmaceutical clients.

We exclusively serve the pharmaceutical industry with Medical/Marketing Development Programs, such as company-sponsored medical books, symposia, single-sponsored journals, and help in other ways with marketing support by creating products and company and image-enhancing materials for distribution in Japan, and overseas for Japanese firms going abroad.

Churchill Livingstone has been in Japan eight years. I started it as PPS and it has been three years since the Longman Group buy-out. In 1992 sales were 2.5 times more than in 1990, hitting 1.8 billion yen. Sales should exceed 2.3 billion yen in 1993.

The Churchill Livingstone experience has been an exciting whirlwind of success, backed up by a lot of creative thinking, and the hard work of a small group of dedicated people. Before that I worked here in Japan in pharmaceutical companies, and also spent most of my childhood and education in Japan.

I’ve known about Tom Nevins for almost 15 years, although we met and started a business relationship just a few years ago. He also works hard and is fully dedicated in what he does.

Tom is a real pro. Our mutual clients hold him in the highest regard. From one old Japan-hand baby-boomer to another, I can definitely give him a full and unqualified endorsement. (And it looks like he is about to suck us into doing his “Strategic Partnering”!)

Dan Feldman
Churchill Livingstone Japan K.K.
December, 1992