A.C. Nielsen Company of Japan Ltd.

During the last two years Mr. Nevins has worked with me and two of my predecessors in conceptualizing and beginning to permeate and implement throughout the organization new ideas, perspectives, and systems to motivate, improve communications, and further enhance productivity and morale.

Employees and the union are more aware of the constraints the bottom line imposes on all of us, and that only peak performance of each and every staff will guarantee corporate health and survival.

Mr. Tom Nevins has an ability to assess critically yet constructively the assumptions and plans we make. He has experienced what works and doesn’t work, and brings you this “street sense”, along with of course, knowledge of the law and legal constraints. It is helpful to have Tom on call to bounce ideas off him.

It is easy to forget, and/or realize, that TMT is also a major force in Executive Search with a large and effective team of some 15 professional Recruiters. Obviously the consulting perspective brings value added to TMT recruiting activities. This makes Mr. Nevins a pretty special headhunter as well!

R. Bruce Norris, Jr.
(Former) President
A.C. Nielsen Company of Japan Ltd.
July, 1987