Bristol-Myers K.K.

Shortly after arriving in Japan in August 1985, I had occasion to meet Mr. Nevins and the TMT group. Over the past two years, TMT has been of significant help on a variety of personnel related/organizational issues. It has been instrumental in our effort to recruit key staff including some of our most senior and capable executives.

TMT’s contract terms are fair and largely performance oriented. There is the right balance between success contingency and financial commitment and support from the client. Their approach is flexible and meets a wide range of client recruiting needs covering all operational areas of the company.

It’s a pleasure to recommend Mr. Nevins’ services based on his positive performance and integrity. He and the TMT group can offer a client, especially a newcomer, the perspective and insights he needs to get things done and manage effectively in Japan.

Mitchell P. Cybulski
Bristol-Myers K.K.
June, 1987