Since 1991, almost from the time we started in Japan, and the number of our staff could be counted on one hand, Tom Nevins and TMT have played a helpful and supporting role. Of the almost 100 staff we have today, TMT’s executive search unit has introduced 15 of them, including two of the Japanese who headed our company. Most of TMT’s other introductions are solid performers who are still with us.

We look to TMT not only for help in recruiting. Over the years Mr. Nevins has helped us get through a number of difficult staff related problems. At our meeting/seminar/Q.C. Circle and performance improvement company-wide party celebrating our success, we asked Mr. Nevins to give a motivational speech in Japanese to help get our staff to appreciate even more their company, and the important role we play in society. As the world leader in microbiology, our testing systems made a big contribution in such areas as the news-making e-coli breakout, and the recent dairy products contamination troubles.

TMT is also working with us on further improving and adjusting our Rules of Employment, salary, appraisal and performance management systems. Always a phone call away, and able to help, I can strongly recommend TMT and Mr. Nevins to newcomers to Japan, or to people like myself who speak the language and have lived in Japan many years.

Frédéric Benoliel
bioMerieux Asia Pacific Regional Office
bioMerieux Japan Ltd.
May 2002