Banque Indosuez

I can heartily and most strongly recommend Mr. Nevins as a personnel /management consultant to give you the general guidance as well as detailed analysis, strategy, recommendations and concrete assistance with execution of some of the most difficult steps that need to be taken when it comes to rationalizing and revitalizing an organization.

Although our bank has had many successes in Japan, due to our long history, the aging of our workforce, and changes in financial markets with the need to accommodate to new and different skill mixes for investment banking products, it became necessary not only to review past practices, such as compensation by age and service, but also to change some internal rules sometimes resulting in adverse impact on our staff.

Mr. Nevins played an instrumental role in allowing us to fulfill these difficult organizational needs successfully. He has rich past experience, strong principles, and the ability to pass both this vision as well as specific plans to the Japanese implementing officers with his fluent and convincing Japanese communication skills.

With his guidance and inputs we educated and persuaded employees as to the need for change, and ended up making significant adjustments in pay and personnel practices culminating in his creation for us of new Rules of Employment, Salary, and Retirement Regulations. We also succeeded in significantly reducing staff such that we are now in a much stronger competitive position.

Bernard Delage
(Former) General Manager for Japan
Banque Indosuez
July, 1987